Edinburgh School of English is committed to providing students with excellent support services. All students have access to the following services:

Welfare Counselling

It can be daunting living in a new country, so our Accommodation & Welfare Officer is here to help you settle in and answer any questions you have. 

We provide useful information about areas such as healthcare, transport and opening a bank account  We can also offer advice and support should any personal problems arise.

Language Skill Assessment and Counselling

All new students take a placement test to make sure that they are placed in the most suitable class. The test includes an interview to determine the student's needs and study goals.


We can also advise you on other preparations for your study abroad, such as:



The British Government introduced major changes to UK immigration and a new Points Based System  (Tier 4) now applies to students from outside the European Economic Area wishing to study in the UK for more than 6 months.  Please refer to the following website for further information - UK Home Office..

Contact your local embassy for further information on visa requirements.


Wherever you are travelling from, it is advisable to arrange insurance for your possessions. You should arrange both travel and medical insurance cover for your stay.


Students should ensure they have medical insurance cover.