A legacy of innovative English language training in Scotland

In 1969, over a pint at Edinburgh’s Oxford Bar, Martin Huggins and Douglas Reid made the decision to establish Edinburgh’s first English language school – The Edinburgh School of English Studies. First as a summer school, and soon as a year-round enterprise, the school quickly established itself as one of Scotland’s leading language schools, a position it has continued to hold ever since.

After merging with the Eurostudents Organisation run by Margot McGinty in the early 1980s, the school continued from strength to strength, and in 1990 Martin and Margot – now married – acquired Cranston Church on the city’s historic Royal Mile, and converted it into a modern learning environment fit to host the newly renamed Edinburgh School of English.

From its beginning until the present day, Edinburgh School of English has developed a reputation for providing inspiring and challenging educational programmes.The ethos of the school, not suprisningly, has always been one of openness, co-operation, and the fulfilment of potential.

We offer a challenging and dynamic environment, where students are encouraged to develop confidence and self-belief in their ability, helping them to reach, if not surpass, their goals.